Mardi Gras

Not that one could tell it by looking around my location on a Central Texas lake, but today is Mardi Gras. So Happy Mardi Gras to anybody who appreciates a day set aside specifically for over-indulging! At least that’s how I understand it from my Catholic sister and friends…Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday, the period before Easter Sunday when good Catholics give up something they especially like, preferably something indulgent like chocolate or alcohol. So the day before Ash Wednesday is their last chance for awhile to indulge in those guilty pleasures…hence, Mardi Gras, French for “Fat Tuesday”.

Some years in the past, I have given up something for Lent, not because I’m Catholic, but just because it sounded like a good self-discipline. Sometimes I held fast and sometimes not so much.

When I lived in New Orleans — many years before Katrina — my native friends advised against going to the Quarter for Mardi Gras as there were plenty of parades in the suburbs and you’d just get crushed in the throng of tourists. A friend took me to a Krewe’s Ball. I don’t recall which Krewe it was, but, boy what a show! There was a “dress ball”, which was actually a sort of skit to show off the selected “nobility” of the Krewe in period costumes. I think the period was 17th century French nobility…very fancy stuff. After the show we repaired to the reception hall and stuffed ourselves with all kinds of delicacies we’d never heard of, and partook of the champagne waterfall! We came home with loads of beads and Krewe’s coins and no bruises from being crushed by a throng of tourists.

Nothing like that goes on around these parts. I had hoped to maybe go to Galveston where they celebrate Mardi Gras like New Orleans but more tamely. However, it’s been way to chilly for us old folks to party in the streets, so here I am writing about Mardi Gras instead. Hey, I can Mardi Gras anywhere I want to, right? And so can you. We could permit ourselves some indulgence today that we’ve been intending to avoid for awhile, eh? The trick is to actually avoid it for awhile afterward. Or not. Either way…

Happy Fat Tuesday, folks!

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To me, words are like garden plants -- if planted in the right places, well-weeded, lovingly coaxed and given light, they will feed mind and spirit. I live with my boyfriend -- a man who has his own way with words -- by a bay on the Texas Gulf Coast.
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