A Real “Flying Clown”

A couple of weeks ago I had a nutty dream that inspired a nutty short-short story which I posted here on March 7. If you caught the first segment of CNN’s “New Day” this morning, you saw a guy who could be one of the “flyers” of my dream/story…Joby Ogwyn ascends mountains the old-fashioned way — one hand hold and foot hold at a time — but descends by flying down the mountainside free as a bird in his wing suit! CNN showed a photo of this stuntman sailing earthward in a red, black and yellow outfit. Kind of looked like a flying squirrel.

When I Googled Joby Ogwyn, I saw that I missed his appearance last night on the Tonight Show, and all I could find out about his upcoming “flight” off the top of Mount Everest is that it will be aired on Discovery Channel sometime in May. I was relieved, though, to see no all white wing suits in any of the photos (read my March 7 post to find out why).

Y’all have a good day, on or off the ground!


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To me, words are like garden plants -- if planted in the right places, well-weeded, lovingly coaxed and given light, they will feed mind and spirit. Since summer 2021 I've moved from the Texas Gulf Coast to Denver Co to a little New Mexico town on Route 66.
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