Lune-y Lundi — Moon and Lune day!

Lune-y Lundi is my Monday indulgence — both a celebration of the poetic form known as Lune (similar to the Haiku) and my fascination with the heavenly body for which this day w

as named.

Dig that crazy beat!
Line us up
And sing ‘Syzygy’!
– a Kelley Lune by yours truly…Kelleys are 5 syllables 1st line, 3 in 2nd line, 5 in 3rd.

Today, April 10, the Moon is in it’s Waxing Gibbous phase, which basically means it’s nearly in it’s Full Moon phase.  It also means that it will appear to the naked eye to be full already!  But tomorrow the Moon will be Full because it will be on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun — almost exactly opposite. The Moon and Sun won’t be exactly opposite, though, but about five degrees off because our Moon’s orbit around us isn’t exactly in line with Earth’s orbital plane around the Sun.  You got all that?  Guess what?  Exactly opposite occurred last February 11 and will happen only once more this year on August 7.

Just to muddy things up a bit more…you should know that the other exact line-up happens when Moon is exactly between Earth and Sun — a solar eclipse.

These exact line-ups are known as “syzygy”.  Seriously.  Look it up.

Among the many myths and legends about the Moon is the belief that a rabbit lives on the Moon, and a little girl is chasing it.  Hm.  And lots of people world-wide have been convinced for millennia that the full Moon magically transforms some people into strange creatures — like werewolves — or that it makes some folks cray-cray!  The jury seems to still be out on that one, as there are a surprising number of us who still maintain to this day that the bright shimmering full Moon affects our minds.

How are you feeling?

Oh, by the way, this month’s full Moon is also known in North America as Pink Moon because of the Spring-time appearance of the pretty pink blossoms of Pink Phlox.  April’s Moon is also known as Grass Moon, Egg Moon and Fish Moon.

It’s a good time to
wet a line —
under the Fish Moon!
— a Kelley by me

A Column Lune (3 words 1st line, 5 words 2nd line, 3 words last line):

Wax on, Pink —
show me phlox blossoms tonight,
April full Moon!

If that’s clear as mud, try this one….

Pink phlox flowers
shine under April’s full Moon —
Spring’s Pink Moon.

That’s all my lune-y-ness for this week, my little Moon-o-philes.  Catch me next Monday for the next phase….

For this post I referenced info from the following sites:,, and

Howl on, Moon-dawgs!



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