Here Comes Freaky-Friday and Halloween.

Halloween is right around the corner!  I live in Central Texas.  Winter here is basically autumn punctuated every week or two with a two to four day blast of arctic air intrusion.  Autumn began a little earlier than I expected, with highs falling from 100+ to upper 60’s for most of the past month.  I loved it.  Now it’s gone.  High’s are back in the 80’s, which is cool for our area but awfully warm for Halloween!  I want some heavy costume tolerant weather, dark skies, rumblings in the distance, pattering of rain on my windows, wind howling through the trees!  No sunshine and bright blooms on Halloween!  Just in case the weather turns out to be ridiculously spring-like next week, maybe I should do my part to put a chill down our spines.  Look for another Freaky-Friday Poem tomorrow…and check back frequently between then and that most wonderfully chilling day of the year for more!

About RobbieAnnLewis

To me, words are like garden plants -- if planted in the right places, well-weeded, lovingly coaxed and given light, they will feed mind and spirit. I live with my boyfriend -- a man who has his own way with words -- by a bay on the Texas Gulf Coast.
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1 Response to Here Comes Freaky-Friday and Halloween.

  1. Happy All Hallows Eve! You are so fortunate to have balmy temperatures for Halloween…very cool here, in Central Canada…parts of Ontario got snow recently! The kids will have to bundle up to stay warm. Thanks for visiting and follow my blog.


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