Oh my dusty brain!

I post so seldom now. I think I’ve psyched myself into a decidedly lackadaisical attitude. I read others’ posts with interest and comment too. And contribute very little else. I feel like the spark is gone. Dear me!

I began this blog to share some of my writing…short stories, excerpts from longer works-in-process and poems. When I don’t have any new work to post, I just don’t post. I realized that was becoming a lazy writer….deluding myself that I was reserving my time for offl-line composition….so I created Luney Lundi (Monday morning posts featuring lune style poems accompanying short fun essays relating to the moon) to goad myself into posting at least weekly. Turned out I’m not much of a task master of myself…I skipped a lot of Lundis!

Monday comes weekly / But my lunes / Come sporadically

And btw writing on my iPad has its limitations — like I can’t keep it from double spacing when I hit return before the end of a line.  Please bear with me. The laptop is down.

So I’m thinking of de-structuring,  so to speak, my posting policy and going basically themeless but posting daily no matter what. In other words there’s no telling what you might read on my blog on any given day, but there will be something…I’m really seriously and determinedly shooting for daily postings! Seriously. Now I wouldn’t mind if my WordPress buds here became a bit demanding. Like maybe commenting something like “‘Sup dude? Where the heck’s your post?!” or “Really, Robbie? No post today? You’re slipping! Get busy!” or even “What the hey was that?! You call that a post? Getting lazy, Rob!”

After all, writing is writing, and not writing anything at all because my muse is dosing is only contributing to the dust collecting on the creative part of my brain! So there it is, fellow WordPressers. It comes down to this..

No more delays, Rob / Write something / Polish brain daily!

See you here tomorrow!


About RobbieAnnLewis

To me, words are like garden plants -- if planted in the right places, well-weeded, lovingly coaxed and given light, they will feed mind and spirit. Since summer 2021 I've moved from the Texas Gulf Coast to Denver Co to a little New Mexico town on Route 66.
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